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Hummingbird Cake and Arkansas Hummingbirds

by Julie Kohl


The south is known for its hospitality and its cake. Attend any Southern gathering and you will likely be greeted with a smile, have your soul blessed and be handed a piece of cake. Southern cakes a...

High Tunnel Houses

By: Melissa Beck - @agnewsfeed

Have you ever eaten local, fresh strawberries in December? I have. They were raised in a local high-tunnel house. High-tunnel houses can make extra money for farmers market growers wanting to capitalize on the growing consumer desire for fresh, lo...

Gardening with Kids: How to Get Started

Even if you don’t have a lot of space – or a green thumb – gardening with kids is a great way to introduce them to where food comes from or to give them the joy of planting seeds (or plants) and watching them grow.

I’ve grown plants, flowers, fruit and vegeta...