Using Pinterest to Curate Your Home

We've all been there - browsing Pinterest to find home decorating inspiration. It can feel overwhelming to look at all the beautiful photos and figure out what to add to your home. Whether you're working on a new build or just redoing a room, there are so many ideas out there that it can feel overwhelming. How do you start forming an idea of something you can create in your house?

We are expecting a new baby in October, so I've been working on the nursery. As I've been gathering ideas, I've found a method that works for me, using three Pinterest boards to curate ideas, create an inspiration board, and create a board that helps me actually put the room together.

What is Pinterest?

Let's start at the very beginning. Julie Andrews says it's a very good place to start! If you're unfamiliar with Pinterest, it's a web and mobile application that is essentially a photo-sharing site. You do have to register to create an account, but it's free. Once you open an account, you create virtual pinboards where you can add just about anything to your boards. You can search and add photos, websites, videos and more from within Pinterest, or you can "pin" things from around the web. Follow your friends on Pinterest to share your pins and see theirs. You can also collaborate by inviting others to your boards - which is great if you want your spouse, roommate or friend involved in the process. On group boards, multiple people can add and comment on pins. If you haven't checked it out yet, I promise you'll love it! I use it for party planning, organizing recipes and decorating our home.

Start with Big Ideas

I think it's great to start with a broad-spectrum idea board for your project. If you're working on several rooms or an entire house, create a design board for each room. It's just easier to see things grouped together that way. You can name these boards whatever you want, and you can keep them "secret" if you want to hide these ideas from others. For example, I started with a nursery idea board before we told anyone we were pregnant, so I made it a "secret" board (a setting you designate on each board to make it public or secret).

My big idea board had anything I liked in it. I would search for anything I wanted: "nursery ideas," "bright colored nursery," "fun nursery décor," and just pin ideas that tickled my fancy. Here's my broad-spectrum design board:


Narrow Your Focus in an Inspiration Board

Of course, the next step is to rein it in some. I spent some time browsing my inspiration board looking for themes and pictures that really stood out to me. I realized a few things: I liked gender-neutral nurseries with bright colors; I was drawn to gray furniture; I was really feeling one picture of a circus nursery. I kept browsing "similar pins" to the circus nursery that I loved so much and decided that was it! I wanted a beautiful gender-neutral circus nursery with touches of bright colors. So I started narrowing my focus on a new board. On this new inspiration board, I pinned things that went with my vision from pieces of furniture I liked to storage ideas I wanted to implement. Anything was fair game as long as it fit within my vision. Here's a screenshot of my inspiration board:


Create a Specific Room Board as you Buy for your Room

Once I had ideas in mind, it was time to bring my room to life. This was the most fun part! I created a "Things in Our Nursery" board to pin items together in one place. This board helps me see things together when I'm out and about shopping. Not sure if that pillow will match my bedding? I have a picture of the bedding on my board. Also, since I'm sort of gathering odds and ends before we overhaul the room, it allows me to see it all together before I get it in one place.

If I order something online, I pin the item to this board. If I buy it in person, I take a photo and upload it to the board. I went specific down to pinning the paint color (yes, most paint websites allow you to pin swatches of each color), and I also added a photo of the furniture we bought from the crib store's website. It's just helpful to get a feel for the room online. Here's a look at my nursery (it's not complete yet…but these are the things we already have in place):


Get Pinning!

I'm sure there are other methods for creating room inspiration on Pinterest, but this method has worked well for me. Give it a try - start with anything that looks interesting to you, narrow your focus on the things that inspire you, and then start putting your room together!

by First Security Mortgage // August 30, 2016